Genesis 8

Read Genesis 8

God spoke to me today from Genesis 8:1 where He says, “God remembered Noah” and this is what I heard Him say:

“I remember you. I never forget you. I notice you even when you are inundated with flood waters of life—deep in debt, sorrow, pain, turmoil, anxiety, and fear. Yes, I know the storm is fierce, the winds are howling, the thunder is deafening, and the lightning is blinding. Don’t think for a moment that I have forgotten you. I have you shut up in My ark. Not a literal one—but a spiritual one. I have you in the ark of My hands. One of My hands is under you, to uphold and sustain you; My other hand is over you, to protect and keep you safe. When the storm passes I will open a door for you and you will either look back with thanksgiving in your heart for what I have done to rescue you from the storm of life or you will forget what I have done for you. Please remember today what I have done for you. I will remember. I can’t forget. The nail scars on My hands won’t allow Me to forget what I have done for you. When I see them, I remember you.”