Genesis 4

Read Genesis 4

God spoke to me today from Genesis 4:6 where He says, “Why are you angry?” and this is what I heard Him say:

“Why are you so angry? Obviously, you do not like the way I run My universe, or you don’t like the people I created, or you just don’t like Me! Am I not the creator? Do I not, by virtue of being the owner of My creation, have the right to run My universe as I desire? Well, of course I do. I will remind you again of truth that you should know: I work everything together for good for those who love Me and have been called according to My purpose. Yes it’s true, sometimes you are angry for the right reasons. Such reasons as extreme violence and injustices, like the murder of the preborn or the mistreatment of children--such things like that. But most of the time you are angry with Me, with how I run My universe, and with My creatures that don’t agree with you. Today, I urge you to let your anger go … and trust Me. Trust that I know what I am doing and that it will all work out for good. So today, when you feel anger coming on, ask yourself, ‘Why am I so angry?’"