Exodus 1

God spoke to me today from Exodus 1:8 where God says, “a new king, who did not know about Joseph, came to power in Egypt.” and this is what I heard Him say:

While others will forget you, I always remember you. It’s true. No matter how important you are now, how famous you are now, how wealthy you are now, or how needed you are now, as time passes you will be forgotten. What you do will be forgotten. It was true of Joseph and it will be true of you as well. Only I will never forget you. Think about it, your job, that you think is so important, that consumes all your time so none is left for me, one day when you quit, or are let go, or retire—that job and all associated with it will forget everything you have done. It’s true. The same is true of your friends and even your family. Over time all will forget you--only I will not. So then, why all the clamor over wealth, fame, power, and popularity? It won’t last. Today, focus on what will make it into eternity, namely, Me and My will for you--our relationship. Today, keep this in mind, while others will forget you, I always remember you.