Exodus 15

God spoke to me today from Exodus 15:1, 21, 23, 24  where God’s Word says, “Then Moses and the Israelites sang …. Miriam sang …. When they came to Marah …. the people grumbled” and this is what I heard Him say:

“Don’t let your sweet song end on a sour note! I’m talking about your song spiritually.  Israel had just sung the sweetest song of praise from thankful hearts.  I had given them freedom through victory over the Egyptians who were miraculously buried in the Red Sea.  That was worth praising Me about.  They sang and danced, and rightfully so.  Now it was time to move on.  I led them to a place named ‘Marah’ (Bitter).  The water was undrinkable.  Certainly if I could part the water of the Red Sea, I could turn bitter water to drinkable water.  Rather than sing a sweet second verse to the song of praise, the Israelites chose to sing sour notes of complaining and grumbling.   Israel is not alone.  Too often My people today end the sweetest song with a sour note of complaint.  All it takes is for something to derail your plan, something to be an inconvenience to your life, something to suspend your instant gratification, and you too sing your sour notes.  Today, don’t let your sweet song end on a sour note--choose to sing a sweeter second verse instead.”