Exodus 17

God spoke to me today from Exodus 17:15 “where Moses said, "‘For hands were lifted up to the throne of the LORD” and this is what I heard Him say:

“Yes, I see your hand.  Don’t put it down!  Your hand lifted up in time of spiritual warfare is an acknowledgment that you need Me to fight your spiritual battles and I clearly see your hands.  I love when you lift up your hand to My throne.  I love it when you persist until you grow tired of doing it.  I love it when others come along to assist you, I love it. I even love it more when you lift up your hearts in prayer to My throne of grace and when you persist in prayer until you tire of it and others come along to help you reach My throne of grace.  Prayer is hard work and those who are not exercised by it grow faint too quickly.  Today, don’t grow weary and faint in spiritual warfare.  Lift up your prayer.  Look for those who are faint from the battle and support their prayers with yours.  I love it when you do.  Oh yes, I see the hands of your heart lifting up your requests to Me. Don’t put it down!”