Genesis 1

First Read Genesis 1

Devotional Thought: 

God spoke to me today from Genesis 1:28 where He says, “God blessed them ….”  This is what I heard him say to me: 

“I created you to bless you (not to curse you).  Live today looking for My blessing in all of creation.  Today, enjoy the sun that warms your face, even if it is through a pane of glass on a cold winter’s day.  Take a deep breath, fill your lungs and accept the breath of air that from comes from Me, your God.  Taste afresh the thirst quenching water that sustains your very life as My gift to you.  Kneel and pray upon the ground I made to uphold you in a relationship with Me.  Bow your head before you eat and then savor every tasty bite while remembering I blessed it for you.  Enjoy the variety of life; I made the solar seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter) as well as the seasons of life.  I made every other creature on the planet for you.  Finally, I created you to bless your relationships with others and with Me. So find the good in others as you engage people made in My image.  Bless them as I blessed you.  You know that you are the crowning joy of all My creation.  I bless you every day. I am blessing you today.  So, look for My blessing today.”