Genesis 10

Read Genesis 10

God spoke to me today from Genesis 10:32 where He says, “These are the clans of Noah's sons” and this is what I heard Him say:

“You have a family tree. I placed you in your family. There is no mistake you are in the right family. I put you there. Your family has a legacy and you are adding to it. I assigned you to be the influencer on your family for good. Your sibling, children, and grandchildren are shaping their family self-image from what you do and how you respond to life. So today, ask yourself the questions, ‘How does my family see me? Do I have a reputation from what I ‘do’ as Nimrod did (a mighty warrior)? Or do I have a reputation for my ‘circumstances’ like Peleg, (in his time the earth was divided)? You see, My child, you are known for what you do and how you respond to what happens to you. I placed you in your family so that you might be a good testimony for Me. Oh that today, your family will see you do what is right and see your godly response to the circumstances of life whether good or bad. Today be an influencer for good on your family tree.”