Genesis 13

Read Genesis 13

God spoke to me today from Genesis 13:11 where He says, “The two men parted company” and this is what I heard Him say:

“Sometime you must part ways. There are some people who bring conflict into your life. They pull you down and not build you up. They are self-centered and really don’t mind the things that matter to Me. They may profess to, but their choices in life prove otherwise. They are more in love with the world than with My Word. More in love with themselves than with Me. They practice the faith when it is convenient, and at the same time tolerate things that grieve My heart. At some point you will have to part ways with them. You will have to let them take the low road while you take the high one that leads to My greater blessing. When you do I will lift up your eyes to see blessing that you could never experience as long as you allowed the traveler on the low road to pull you down. So today, leave what needs to be left behind and part ways with those who hang on to the stuff in your rear view mirror."