Genesis 19

Read Genesis 19

God spoke to me today from Genesis 19:16 where He says, "the LORD was merciful to them" and this is what I heard Him say:

“I am the God of mercy! I have pity on those who know Me and still get themselves into predicaments. Lot had gotten himself into a terrible predicament. He moved into a region of unrighteousness. It was so wicked that the immediate intrusion of My divine judgment was necessary. Of course I never judge my children with the wicked. So I warned and pulled Lot away before judgment. Likewise, every day you have to enter the world of the unrighteous. Likewise, you get yourself in similar predicaments. Making bad relationship choices, poor career choices, terrible financial choices, unhealthy diet choices, and on and on it goes. Today, remember that I am the God of mercy as I was with Lot. As I warned Lot, I will warn you (your inner spirit will know My warning when it comes) and I will make a way of escape. But you must heed My warning, you must flee immediately, and you must not look back. The fact that I always make a way out of your predicaments, shows that I am the God of mercy.”