Genesis 2

Read Genesis 2

God spoke to me today from Genesis 2: 7 where He says, “The LORD God formed man.”  This is what I heard Him say to me:

“My child, I formed you!  You are one of a kind—you are unique.  No one else is like you.  Before you were born I knit together your genetic pool out of the earthy stuff of flesh.  You are configured exactly the way I intended you to be.  You are not an accident.  You are not a mistake.  I gave you the breath of life.  All of it—your body, soul, and spirit were formed by Me exactly as I intended.  You are who I designed you to be.  I formed you for a grand purpose that only you can fulfill.  I placed you in the environment you that you are in and did so on My time schedule.  You live exactly in the times I designed for you.  You have been born for such a time as today and I have plans for you today.  My plans are not to harm you, but to give you hope and a future.  The first step for you today is to spend some time with Me.  Talk with Me.  Walk with Me.  Take Me with you through your day.  Acknowledge me in your speech, attitude, thoughts, and actions. I formed you for a relationship with Me!”