Genesis 21

Read Genesis 21

God spoke to me today from Genesis 21:2 where He says, "at the very time God had promised him" and this is what I heard Him say:

“I have My own time schedule. I’m not on yours. My timing is always perfect—even when you struggle with it. When I make a promise that seems impossible, I will fulfill it. When I make a timely promise, I will fulfill it on time. The timing of all My blessings are always on My own time table. You will do yourself a big favor and by not putting Me, the infinite Creator God, in your little finite box nor holding Me, the eternal living God, to your timeline. If you do, you are likely to be disappointed. Today, choose to accept My timing in everything. Accept that I am the Lord of time. Accept that I created it. Accept that I placed you in time itself in the twenty-first century. I have all your days numbered—they are all timed by Me. Accept that I have the timing for the answer to your prayer already set—at My time, not yours. When you live a day as if all things in it were appoint by Me, then you will finally have peace. Then you will have comfort. So today remember I have My own time schedule.”