Genesis 24

Read Genesis 24

God spoke to me today from Genesis 24:7 where Abraham says, "he will send his angel before you” and this is what I heard Him say:

“You are never alone. I am with you always and My angels go before you! It’s true, whether you believe it or not. You call them ‘guardian angels;’ I call them ‘ministering spirits.’ I have assigned them to serve those who are heirs of salvation.* Although you cannot see My messengers, they are actively fighting the evil forces of darkness. They have an acute interest in how salvation plays out in your life.** Often they are more responsible for your spiritual successes than you are. Just as with Abraham’s servant, Eliezer, they go before you. So when you are feeling a little alone, alienated, withdrawn, isolated, or overwhelmed by your journey through life, you need to press on. My angels are going before you. Don’t forget that truth. Your journey may seem long and difficult, but in the end, you will be successful, because you are never alone.”

*Hebrews 1:14

**1 Peter 1:12