Genesis 3

Read Genesis 3

God spoke to me today from Genesis 3:9 where He says, “Where are you?” and this is what I heard Him say:

“Where are You? Well, of course I know where you are. But I want you to know where you are. You see, the question ‘Where are you?’ is only asked when someone is either lost or hiding. Which is it? Are you lost or are you hiding? Have you lost your way? Has someone misled you off the path? Are you lost in a worldly jungle? Are you struggling through the difficult maze of life? Have you lost the joy of living? I am here to help you! Call on Me! Oh … you don’t call on Me because you are hiding from Me. Why? Do you really think I don’t know where you are? I already know why you are hiding! Do you know why you are hiding? Oh … So it’s your shame that keeps you from enjoying My presence? But I’ve taken your shame, your guilt, and your short comings and placed them on My Son, Jesus. He paid the debt for you, so you can quit your hiding and come back to Me. Lost child I’m looking for you. Stop hiding? Where are you?”