Genesis 40

God spoke to me today from Genesis 40:14 where Joseph says, "…  remember me … " and this is what I heard Him say:

"People may let you down and forget you and what you have done—I will not!"  It’s all a matter of where you place your trust.  If you place your trust in people, they will eventually let you down and disappoint you.  I will never let you down—when you trust in Me.  I enabled Joseph to do the seemingly impossible, he told the future from dreams of others.  The butler should have been so impressed with such deep gratitude that he would have remembered Joseph—but he forgot him. The same is still true, people you expect to be there for you in a jam often are the ones that disappoint you the most.  In some cases the disappointing person is a parent who is never around, or an elderly person's son or daughter who never visit.  It could be a friend that you have bent over backwards for, but has seemingly blown you off.  The truth is that most people alive now will be forgotten a generation after they are gone—but I will always remember.  I will always remember who you are and what you have done.  Hold on to this thought, “although people may let you down and forget you—I will not!”