Genesis 43

God spoke to me today from Genesis 43:26 and 28 where God's Word says, "… and they bowed down before him to the ground” and again ”And they bowed low to pay him honor" and this is what I heard Him say:

“When you humble yourself I will lift you up!”  It is my desire to bless you and lift you up, but too often your pride stands in the way.  So it was for Joseph’s brothers.  From the beginning I planned to lift  up Joseph in order to rescue and deliver his brothers.  I even gave Joseph dreams of it.  When he shared his dreams with his brothers—they hated him.  So likewise, some events in your life are meant to lift you up and some are meant to humble you.  Joseph, of course, had been humbled plenty by the events of life.  He was humbled by his slavery, by false accusations, unjust imprisonment, and more.  Yet, he remained faithful to Me and I was with him.  So I lifted him up.  Now his brothers are experiencing difficult times and must bowed down humbly before Joseph—just as Joseph had dreamed.  Of course, now that they are humbled I will lift them up as well.  I will lift them up to become twelve tribes and even higher to become the great nation of Israel.  I still operate this way.  When you humble yourself and bow down to my will, then I will lift you up.