Genesis 44

God spoke to me today from Genesis 44;16 where God's Word says, “God has uncovered your servants' guilt.” and this is what I heard Him say:

“You can cover things up but you can’t hide them from Me!  I’m amazed that you think you can hide or suppress your guilt and that it will somehow magically go away, vanish, or disappear.  It won’t.  Just as it did not for Joseph’s guilty brothers.  They schemed and lied to their father in order to cover their wrongful actions of selling their brother into slavery.  They dipped Joseph’s coat in blood and concocting the lie that an animal must have torn him apart as they tried to cover their wrong.  Although time passed their guilty consciences never really left—even though they successfully kept it from their father. But then I uncovered their guilt, I exposed it.  Why?  For the same reason I expose your guilty conscience.  I did so that they would confess their sin and experience my pardon and forgiveness. So they would be cleansed from all unrighteousness. Today, stop trying to cover up your guilty conscience, you can’t hide it from Me.  Instead, confess your sin and experience forgiveness.”