Genesis 49

God spoke to me today from Genesis 49:28 where Jacob says, “…Your father's blessings are greater than the blessings of the ancient mountains.” and this is what I heard Him say:


“There is power in your speech.  Especially the words of a father to his children.  Jacob understood this.  After pronouncing blessings, according to the integrity of each son, Jacob acknowledged the power of his blessing as being ‘greater than blessings of ancient mountains.’ It’s true.  Your words today have the power to trump the words of old.  One sentence can make or break a person’s spirit and change the whole course of his or her life.  The words of a father to his children are most powerful.  Of course for your words to be powerful they must be appropriate.  Jacob really got this, for ‘he blessed them, giving each the blessing appropriate to him' (Gen 49:28).  Some of his sons blessings seem more like curses (Gen 49:3-7)—for Jacob’s words put his son’s wicked behavior in its place while some of his blessings are prophetic coronations of power (Gen 49:8-12).  The fool rashly blesses the undeserving and curses the deserving.  So today, be very careful with your speech.  Bless appropriately because your speech is so powerful.