Genesis 5

Read Genesis 5

God spoke to me today from Genesis 5:22 where He says, “Enoch walked with God” and this is what I heard Him say:

“Walk with Me today. Now, of course, that means you will have to slow down! But, why not? What’s the hurry? I watch you run so hard every day. Your life has become a rat race. You wind up so exhausted that in the end you just drop. You just stop. You have no time nor energy for what really matters. No time for family, friends, or Me. It really doesn’t have to be this way. You can slow down and walk with Me. If you will slow down and walk with Me, we will talk. You will hear Me speak through My Word as you read it. My Word will give you insights to help you through your day, My Word will lessen the stress that drives you so. By My Word you will really get to know Me, your Savior and Lord. When you talk to Me, through prayer, I will hear you and answer you. Here’s My suggestion to you today, don’t run ahead of Me and don’t lag behind Me. Just walk with Me.”