Genesis 6

Read Genesis 6

God spoke to me today from Genesis 6:8 where He says, “But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord” and this is what I heard Him say:

“I am watching you. I see all that you do, even when you are not aware of Me, I watching you. I see not just what you do, I see why you do it. I see your heart. Some days I’m delighted in what I see, it fills My heart with such joy. When you walk with Me like a child holding on to Dad’s hand, telling Me the wonders of your discoveries in life and asking Me questions about life’s riddles, you find a warm and tender spot in My heart. You have favor in My eyes. I’m so proud of you. Still, some days what I see grieves My heart, it fills My heart with such pain. You let go of My hand, you wander into places you should not go, you forget Me, Your Savior and Lord. Your heart has no thought of Me and it’s only filled with yourself and your own sensuous desires. You forget that I’m watching you and what you do; and that hurts. So today, be sure to walk with Me and find favor in My eyes. I am watching you!”