Genesis 7

Read Genesis 7

God spoke to me today from Genesis 7:16 where He says, “Then the LORD shut him in” and this is what I heard Him say:

“I shut you in so you are not shut out. I will not shut you out of My life, even though sometimes you shut Me out of yours. The day you received Jesus Christ, My Son, as your Savior and Lord, I shut you inside the ark of a Christ-like faith and that may seem confining. Stuck in a box. Not out enjoying the world like all the others. They appear to have life by the tail with success, so much stuff, friends, parties, high-powered positions, money, wealth, and good health; all the while you are stuck in a box that I shut you in. I did so for a purpose. You see, when the storm hits, those stuck inside are safe, while those outside perish. Those inside weather the storm, those outside do not. Those inside will see a better day, those outside never do. I put you in your Christ-like box to save and protect you from what is ahead. Trust Me, it is for a much higher purpose that I shut you in.”